Types Of Nose Rings —​ And The 20 Best Ideas For Each Kind

Which one is right for you?

Nose — or, more accurately, nostril — piercings are nothing new. In fact, according to Painful Pleasures, “people have been piercing their noses for a variety of reasons for more than 4,000 years, giving nose piercing one of the longest and richest histories of any type of body piercing.” However, nostril piercings did not gain traction in West until the 20th Century, when the piercing became synonymous with punk, artist, and bohemian cultures.

That said, today these types of nose rings and nose ring studs for nostril piercings are relatively common — i.e. they are seen on women and men of all races and all ages. But what is a nostril piercing? Well, according to Infinite Body Piercing, a nostril piercing is any piercing which passes through the high or low nostril, though the piercing “tends to heal most quickly — and look most natural — [when it is placed] in the horizontal crease.”

Healing times will vary, depending on the your body, your environment, and how you care for your piercing; however, no matter who or where you are, you should expect this piercing to take at least six months — and, in some cases, a year — to fully heal. 

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The good news is that, while this piercing is healing, you can wear a wide range of jewelry options (from studs and screws to hoops and rings). Below you will find some of our favorite choices, including some truly unique nose rings. (Note: Not all pieces pictured are appropriate for new nostril piercings.)