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Founded in 2012, Golden Moon is a partner company with experienced staff in Shenzhen, China. The focus of jewelry is body jewelry, fashion jewelry, fashion jewelry, and high-end stainless steel jewelry. Golden Moon partners have a strong purchasing background and focus on these categories. They understand all aspects of the business, including price negotiation, product development, quality control, material requirements and logistics. After working in the industry for more than a decade, partners joined the Golden Moon Jewelry, where they can provide knowledge, power and skills to businesses around the world.

design features

Design Features

Our design range is vast. We can discuss your ideas with you and let you know the project scope, and potential, leading the fashion trend of body jewelry.

design features

Production Process

Have a complete and prudent production process, First Design artwork—Make a sample—Wax mold—Mold—Burning cast—Welding—Electroplating—Polishing—Point
drill—Assembly—Packaging. to ensure quality and service.

design features


Check the entire order, not just the random selection, we receive the supplier`s order, we will have our strict quality control methods to complete the requirements of many customers.

design features

Model Room

The showroom provides you with the latest, high quality, multi-jewelry displays. You can experience the texture of the Golden Moon Jewelry and the charm of the overall effect.


We provide packing for each order. The service can be as simple as a  multi-pack item, as detailed as a custom card, including UPC stickers, material stickers, size details, etc.

Hard Cardboard

packing hard cardboard

Special Foam

packing special foam

Stable Packaging

packing stable packaging

Milestone Title

packing no sloshing

Packed Into Boxes

packing packed into boxes


packing logistics

Our Team

The most popular products, the best products and services, excellent team, good reputation, many domestic and international customer groups with puncture industry, continue to provide customers with professional, high-quality products and value-added services, and constantly innovate to meet customer requirements.

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