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Types Of Nose Rings —​ And The 20 Best Ideas For Each Kind

Which one is right for you? Nose — or, more accurately, nostril — piercings are nothing new. In fact, according to Painful Pleasures, “people have been piercing their noses for a variety of reasons for more than 4,000 years, giving nose piercing one of the longest and richest histories of any type of body piercing.” However, nostril […]

Long-awaited Triple Crown Tattoo opens for business in downtown Towson

Downtown Towson’s first tattoo shop, Triple Crown Tattoo, opened its doors last Friday almost a year after the Baltimore County Council passed legislation allowing it. “We delivered what we said we would,” said Grant Aikin, who owns the shop with his wife, tattoo artist Deirdre Aikin, saying the couple wanted to create a “clean, professional […]