Types Of Nose Rings —​ And The 20 Best Ideas For Each Kind

Which one is right for you?

Nose — or, more accurately, nostril — piercings are nothing new. In fact, according to Painful Pleasures, “people have been piercing their noses for a variety of reasons for more than 4,000 years, giving nose piercing one of the longest and richest histories of any type of body piercing.” However, nostril piercings did not gain traction in West until the 20th Century, when the piercing became synonymous with punk, artist, and bohemian cultures.

That said, today these types of nose rings and nose ring studs for nostril piercings are relatively common — i.e. they are seen on women and men of all races and all ages. But what is a nostril piercing? Well, according to Infinite Body Piercing, a nostril piercing is any piercing which passes through the high or low nostril, though the piercing “tends to heal most quickly — and look most natural — [when it is placed] in the horizontal crease.”

Healing times will vary, depending on the your body, your environment, and how you care for your piercing; however, no matter who or where you are, you should expect this piercing to take at least six months — and, in some cases, a year — to fully heal. 

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The good news is that, while this piercing is healing, you can wear a wide range of jewelry options (from studs and screws to hoops and rings). Below you will find some of our favorite choices, including some truly unique nose rings. (Note: Not all pieces pictured are appropriate for new nostril piercings.)


Ear piercings guide: 13 different types of ear piercing you probably want

With so many different kinds of ear piercings out there, it’s important to do your research before you get pierced so you know exactly what you want, where you want it and how.

We’ve put together a guide to all of the main ear and cartilage piercings you can get including the helix, tragus and daith piercings – but if you get confused with all of the ‘inner rim’, ‘outer conch’ chat, it might be worth referring to the picture below for a handy quick view.

 The tragus is the inner piece of cartilage which sits over the ear canal directly above your lobe. This popular piercing can look great with studs, hoops and in combination with lots of other jewelry.

The anti tragus is the little bit of cartilage next to your lobe and opposite your tragus (see above). Depending on your pain threshold this piercing can be pretty painful both during the process and in the recovery time afterward.


Long-awaited Triple Crown Tattoo opens for business in downtown Towson

Downtown Towson’s first tattoo shop, Triple Crown Tattoo, opened its doors last Friday almost a year after the Baltimore County Council passed legislation allowing it.

“We delivered what we said we would,” said Grant Aikin, who owns the shop with his wife, tattoo artist Deirdre Aikin, saying the couple wanted to create a “clean, professional gallery setting.” The loftlike, second-floor space is large, airy and bathed in natural light.

“It doesn’t have to be dingy and weird,” Deirdre Aikin said. “[Tattooing is] an art form, and it should be treated as such.”

“It’s a beautiful facility,” said Councilman David Marks, who represents Towson and submitted the legislation amending the county code to allow the shop to open. “I’m very impressed by what they were able to do in that building. It’s a beautiful space.”

Art is central to the combined tattoo studio and gallery space. Deirdre Aikin, an artist trained in sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art, said she has spent 15 years collecting the art that lines the walls of the shop on the second floor of 501 York Road. “I might have an art problem,” Aikin joked.

On the walls in late February were works inspired by films by Taiwanese artist James Jean, shimmering mandalas by California artist Cryptik, stark illustrations created in Baltimore by artist Mike Giant, and delicate feather photography on handmade Nepalese paper by father-son duo Dennis and Roy Barloga. In the waiting room, customers can peruse cases of jewelry from around the world while looking at walls of posters and prints.

Deirdre Aikin said she wants to spread that love of art to Towson — her dream, she said, is to make downtown Towson an arts district. She hopes to work with a committee that is working on putting public art in the downtown Towson district.