Curating the perfect ear stack, in our opinion, is a fine art. For those with multiple piercings, curating the perfect combination of earrings comes down to balance and creative expression.
Typically, dual piercings begin with getting your second and third lobe piercings before moving up the ear to the conch, daith or, our personal favourite, the helix.
The helix piercing is one of the most popular cartilage piercings thanks to its versatility and complimentary nature. In fact, we’d argue no ear stack is complete without some variation of helix piercing.
There are three types of helix piercings: standard helix, front helix and helix flap piercings.
Helix piercings go through the cartilage around the ear. It’s considered a helix piercing once it pierces the skin that isn’t the fleshy lobe.
A forward helix piercing goes through the cartilage at the front of the ear, while a flap helix sits on the outside of the ear, as opposed to the inside.
If you’re on the hunt for helix piercing jewellery, you’re in luck because helix piercings work with studs, hoops, drop studs and chains (we told you they were versatile).
What should you look for in a helix piercing? Flat back style studs and sleeper hoops will prove most comfortable in your helix. For any piercing jewellery opting for implant-grade metals like titanium or solid gold is also recommended.
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